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"Six," an audio poem by S. Pearl Sharp.
c. S. Pearl Sharp/ Poets Pay Rent, Too Los Angeles
Keywords: Darren Wilson, justifiable homicide, six,

Police mark the location of shell casings on Tiffin Avenue the morning after the shooting of two police officers.

Police form a line in front of the Ferguson Police Department the night of the shooting of two police officers.

A police officer looks for evidence at a house on Tiffin Avenue following the shooting of two police officers.

CNN reporter Sara Sidner rests aboard the CNN truck while covering events at the one-year anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown.

Police on Roberta Avenue canvass the area for witnesses to the shooting of two police officers.

A montage of Ferguson images created after Donald Trump’s statement Ferguson “is among the most dangerous cities in the world.”

Ferguson resident Dale Gebhardt created the assemblage of photographs.

Board up painting on a business on S. Florissant Road

A protester near the Ferguson Police Department

A protest march ends at the Ferguson Police Department.