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The banner that I was handcuffed for holding.

Dublin Core


The banner that I was handcuffed for holding.


My friend Elizabeth Vega and I stood above home plate at Busch Stadium as we unfurled this banner and refused to move. We opened our during the 3rd inning. Other friends held theirs at inning following. Theirs said other things relating to Michael Brown and the need for justice. We were yelled at throughout by Cardinals fans who asked the security guards to "lock em up." Soon the police were called and we were handcuffed, detained in a stadium holding room and escorted from the building. The fans cheered as we were led off in handcuffs.


Sarah Hermes Griesbach


September 21, 2014


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Sarah Hermes Griesbach, “The banner that I was handcuffed for holding.,” Documenting Ferguson, accessed July 23, 2019,

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