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Following looting and arson, wig dummies lie by the front window of Beauty World, 110 S. Florissant Road.

Twitter caption: Acrid smells on W Florissant in #Ferguson as smoke billows from multiple buildings; sounds of glass breaking in fire.

This was taken a few hours after it was announced a grand jury would not indict police officer Darren Wilson in…

A letter to a citizens group in Ferguson assuring its members that citizens will have the chance to review an agreement with the Justice Department. Read online

A letter outlining issues related to reaching a settlement agreement with the Justice Department over predatory policing and court practices. Read online

Protestors gather outside the Ferguson Police Department as part of the Ferguson October weekend of activism. #FergusonOctober

Photos courtesy of the Eugene B. Redmond Collection: Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville (; some photos are by Treasure Shields Redmond.
To view or donate go to:…

Protestors marching through the streets of downtown Clayton.

As a Commission, we were given a broad charge, but limited time to explore these issues and develop calls to action. Though we accomplished a significant amount of work in that time, engaging a tremendous number of citizens and exploring issues in…

Documenting Mike Brown's parent's trip to Geneva.